We are involved in advising and co-investing in various types of digital infrastructure, the pillar on which the growing demand for data and digital services from individuals and businesses is based.

Value generation levers


We originate proprietary transactions

We are at an ideal moment in time to participate in an industry that has become the guarantor of society’s growing data consumption needs, thus becoming a highly resilient investment niche. The telecommunications sector is dynamic and avant-garde, making knowledge and anticipation the critical factors to generate opportunities. Teras Capital relies on its two main virtues, creativity and solvency, to originate and complete definitive agreements in the Telco world.

Value generation levers


Our in-house resources accelerate value creation

Our technical team has the know-how and necessary experience to expand the services provided by telecommunications networks thanks to innovative and proven business and management models.

Our in-house legal department has the specific knowledge to quantify each operation’s risk and actuate the necessary levers to minimize it. This resource is precious when it comes to having adequate corporate governance in the participated assets.

Value generation levers


We collaborate with main actors in digital investment

Institutional investors, private equity, family office, and telecommunications operators have a perfect fit in the transactions that we originate, either from a pure investment point of view to a more active role due to their valuable contribution.

We seek to co-invest in the operations generated from Teras Capital since we firmly believe in their profitability.

Assets Under Management


Participated companies

Olin Group

Partner Asterion

Olin Group is the joint vehicle of Asterion Industrial Partners and Teras Capital for the consolidation of telecommunications operators and infrastructures in the regional market.

Mundo Pacífico

Partner Digital Bridge

Mundo Pacifico has an installed base of 3 million homes in Chile and serves more than 650,000 customers where it carried out a growth plan that allowed it to triple its network and users in just 24 months.


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