Madrid will host the largest urban beach in Europe with the support of Teras Capital

MADRID, June 13, 2023 – The Spanish capital has always been known for its vibrant culture, imposing architecture and passionate love for sport. Now, Madrid is getting ready to add a new jewel to its crown – the largest wave park in Europe. Thanks to the collaboration among Atlético de Madrid, Stoneweg and Teras Capital, Madrid will soon become a world-class surfing destination, equipped with an artificial beach and wave park.

Madrid will host the largest urban beach in Europe. A surfers’ paradise courtesy of Stoneweg, Teras Capital and Atlético de Madrid, with the revolutionary technology of Wavegarden.

The project will revolutionize the leisure scene in Madrid, transforming four hectares of land into the next Sports City with an imposing artificial beach.

The incorporation of Wavegarden technology in this ambitious project is a key highlight. Wavegarden, a Spanish company leading the creation of surf lagoons, is recognized for its revolutionary Wavegarden Cove technology that has brought urban surfing to cities worldwide. Its facilities in Melbourne, for example, have transformed the way the city experiences surfing, making urban surfing as belovedby the citizens as surfing in Australia’s best spots.

The popularity of surfing and its exponential growth are an undeniable reality in Spain and around the world. The challenge so farhas been that the places to practice this sport are far from the cities and their availability is seasonal. With the creation of wave parks, there is the possibility of surfing all year round, enriching the offer of leisure and services.

This new Madrid wave park, which is part of the development of the new Sports City promoted by Atlético de Madrid in the lands surrounding the Cívitas Metropolitano stadium, will take this surfing experience to a new level in the city. With a sustainable and eco-friendly design, the park will use Wavegarden’s cutting-edge technology to produce waves up to 2 meters high, with more than 20 different types to accommodate all surfing levels.

Wavegarden’s wave generation system stands out as the most efficient on the market, with a maximum consumption of 1 kWh per wave (0.10€/wave). It is designed to minimize energy losses, maximize the performance of machinery, and also recover and reuse part of the energy generated in each wave. Wavegarden lagoons are designed to offer the best quality, quantity, and variety of waves, withlow energy and water consumption. In addition, this sustainable approach includes reducing water waste, as only evaporation causes loss. In fact, the possibility of recycling water from the Sports City is being assessed for this project.

The vision of this project goes beyond creating a simple tourist attraction. It’s about generating a significant impact on the local community, offering a space for sports, fun and leisure, and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. In addition, the facility will beequipped with a surf school and shop, a skatepark, beach bars, areas for children, and other beach sports activities in the sand, making thisplace a complete leisure destination for all.

Stoneweg and Teras Capital, together with Atlético de Madrid, are dedicated to making this project a milestone in Madrid’s history. With significant investment, a commitment to sustainability and collaboration with Wavegarden, this wave park is a testament to their vision and ambition. This alliance will not only transform the landscape of Madrid but will also raise the city’s profile as a leading destination in the world of surfing and leisure.

Joaquín Castellví, founding partner of Stoneweg and responsible for acquisitions in Europe, commented: “We are delighted with this project. It represents a great opportunity for Stoneweg to meet emerging demands. Through this collaboration with Atlético de Madrid, we are going to create an impressive wave park in Madrid, which will be an emblem of sustainability and advanced technology, offering an unique experience for surf lovers and lifestyle at a global level.”

Miguel de Lucas, founding partner of Teras Capital, added: “After more than six years of hard work, we have finally found the perfect partners to make this dream come true. We are excited to be able to offer Madrilenians and visitors a beach experience without leaving the city. We thank Atlético de Madrid and Stoneweg for their trust andWavegarden for the exceptional work that has brought us to this point.”

Josema Odriozola, CEO and founder of Wavegarden highlighted: “This project is a major milestone for Wavegarden, as it once again consolidates our vision of bringing surfing and its lifestyle to those places that do not have a sea. Together with the Teras Capital team, we have been looking for the perfect location in Madrid for several years and we could not be more satisfied to be part of this exciting project of the Sports City developed by Atlético de Madrid”.

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