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Teras closes deal with Asterion for its second rural fibre investment vehicle in Spain: Olin Group

The Spanish telecommunications infrastructure manager, with operations in several European countries, has closed a deal with Teras for the acquisition of several local operators in Spain. Teras, in addition to participating in the investment, will use its knowledge and experience in the sector to take advantage of the opportunity for consolidation. The agreement involves the creation of a joint vehicle for the execution of a first group of acquisitions.

Olin Group enters a competitive and highly specialized market in which the financial capacity and the knowledge of Asterion and Teras of this sector can place them in a position of clear advantage in the achievement of the best operations.

Asterion’s and Teras’ financial strength and knowledge can give them a clear advantage in securing the best deals in this sector.

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Olivenet is one of the leading companies in the regional telecom segment, with a fibre network that reaches one million homes passed.


Madrid will host the largest urban beach in Europe with the support of Teras Capital

The project will revolutionize the leisure landscape in Madrid, transforming four hectares of land into the next Sports City with a towering artificial beach.

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Avatel, the fifth-largest telecommunications operator in Spain, has sold its data center business to Teras Capital and Intermediate Capital Group (ICG).

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