We originate and finance clearly disruptive sports projects with associated real estate, with consolidated partners and proven success stories, both in Spain and abroad.

Value generation levers


Financial structuring of greenfield projects

We tailor financial instruments to address the different needs of the greenfield projects (origination, construction and operation), by accommodating banking institutions, subordinated debt and different tranches of equity in order to minimise risks and maximise returns.

Value generation levers


Location, location, location

Our thorough research helps us identify and develop projects in differential locations for each project typology, both in urban and coastal areas.

Value generation levers


Access to disruptive technology

We have seen first-hand the evolution of artificial wave generation technologies for surfing, until finally arriving at the true market disruption that today’s machinery represents. Our existing relationships and agreements with the main technology suppliers guarantee success in the financing, construction and maintenance of each one of our projects.


The largest wave park in Europe

Partner Stoneweg

Madrid will host the largest urban beach in Europe. A surfer’s paradise brought to you by Teras Capital, Stoneweg and Atlético de Madrid, with the revolutionary technology of Wavegarden.


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