Graduate in Economics and Business
and Business Administration from Loyola University.

Santiago Sánchez Echeberría


He began his professional career in the audit department of PWC.


He decided to enter the art sector, as a gallery owner and art dealer, over a period of 20 years. During this time he continued to provide additional consultancy services for Caja Canarias on an occasional basis, and studied areas of personal interest such as financial derivatives and the valuation of companies and specific and unique assets.


He joins AHI+, where he holds the position of M&A director. At AHI+, he participates in a pioneering sector build-up strategy based on the acquisition of local telecommunications operators (cable and wifi operators) and their subsequent integration, a key element in value generation. Thanks to its work, AHI+ concludes around 15 acquisitions, out of a total of 35 assets evaluated. AHI+’s M&A team was also a pioneer in carve-out designs for fixed broadband access networks.


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