Law Degree and MBA from the
University of Houston and Madrid Business School.

Miguel de Lucas

Involved in business development and innovation departments in different multinationals.


Since the beginning of his professional career, Miguel has been involved in business development and innovation departments in different multinationals until he decides to put his knowledge and experience in value and dedicates himself to entrepreneurship, with all the risks that this entails.


He entered the Telco sector with the foundation of the most successful MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) in the Spanish market, PEPEPHONE, which stands out for its totally fresh and innovative approach to the product and services offered to the end customer to date.


It is involved, under a purchase mandate from the MÁSMÓVIL GROUP, in the acquisition of the operator PEPEPHONE, closing the deal in record time and helping the group to grow.


Also in 2016, under the AHI+ banner, it founded a pioneering initiative to build up the cable and wifi sector in Spain with more than 15 acquisitions in 18 months, selling 50.01% of its stake in the vehicle to GRUPO MÁSMÓVIL in 2019.


Advises on the acquisition of UFINET for the US fund DIGITAL COLONY, starting at that time an ongoing activity in the digital infrastructure sector. This collaboration extends over time with three other transactions advised until 2020.

He co-founded TERAS CAPITAL where he is currently actively contributing his experience, generating proprietary operations in which a special DNA is stamped based on innovative approaches, with a high degree of creativity and proven solvency.


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