Graduate in Economics from the
Complutense University of Madrid and MBA from IESE.

Luis Sánchez Salmerón

Luis has developed a good part of his professional activity linked to large infrastructure companies.


He begins its journey in what was at the time the largest construction company in the country and with the most outstanding international presence: Dragados. After heading the Directorate of Strategic Planning and Investor Relations, he is, as CFO, part of the team that launches a new diversification plan, starting the company’s Urban Services activity, and giving rise to companies that are still today a benchmark in the sector (Urbaser, Clece or the Madrid Incinerator).

Since 1995

he has participated in international projects in Europe and Latin America, many of which have been pioneers both in terms of the concessional organization model and how they are financed in the capital markets. He finished his stage at Dragados as CFO of Valora (a company that brought together all the Dragados group concessions).


He joined Acciona to create the division of concessions, and in four years, he places the company in the top 5 of the world ranking of this sector according to the PWF (Public Works Financing) magazine.

His next stage is as Managing Director of Ferrovial Airports, where he invests BAA, the largest airport group globally, for an amount of about € 24,000 million. This transaction represented a before and after in the airport sector, not only because of its size but also because of the participation of large infrastructure funds in assets traditionally considered public, and administrations’ opening to collaborate with private initiatives on new fronts. Ferrovial airports focused its activity on Australia (Sydney), Mexico (seven airports and a company listed on the NYSE), Chile (Antofagasta), Northern Ireland (Belfast), and England (Bristol). Additionally, BAA participated in commercial development at airports in Australia, Oman, Hungary (Budapest), and Italy (Naples).


He holds the position of Managing Director of Globalvia, at a time of maximum economic complexity that made a remarkable dent in the Spanish market. Thanks to his work, the company obtains financing from international funds to redefine a new business model.

In recent years he combines his professional activity with participation as an Independent Director in Infrastructure and Telecommunications Companies (i.e.: AHI+).


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